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Rare Beatle Photographs
(This site offers some never-before-seen photographs of the world's greatest musical group ever.)

The Beatles' final performance in Seattle,Washington was given late August 1966.
At this time, Mr. Wally Funk was the publisher of the Whidbey Island Newspaper.
As such, he was given press credentials to allow him into The Beatles' press conference room.
Therefore, every photo presented in this web site was created
-- and thus copyrighted  - by Mr. Wally Funk.
(When he learned many years ago that this site owner was a Beatles Fan,
he graciously gave me many prints of the photos he took that day.
I present them here for all my fellow Beatle Fans.)

Photo of Ringo, John, George & Paul
Another Photo of the Group
George Harrison in Concert
Paul and John in Concert -- Seattle August 1966
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